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Hampton Pet Surgery and Laser Surgery

At Hampton Veterinary Hospital, pet surgery is very important to us, and we’re committed to giving our patients the best care available. We offer a wide variety of dog and cat surgical options for Hampton area patients, including spay and neuter surgeries. We also perform a variety of surgical procedures such as removal of masses and declaw, all utilizing the surgical laser.

Dr. McClellan is experienced and skilled in the use of the surgical laser, choosing to utilize laser surgery because it helps to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and bleeding at the surgical site, which in turn promotes healing and reduction of post-operative complications as compared to more traditional surgical methods. He has been performing laser surgery for over eight years and has been extensively trained in its use. Often he uses it to perform better airway improvement surgeries for pets like pugs, Bostons, and bulldogs, to perform relatively painless declaws on cats, and to remove masses and tumors.

Pet Surgery Team

Our surgical team is concerned with your pet’s safety and comfort during surgery. We are pleased to use the most advanced surgical technology, including improved anesthetics, vital monitoring, and pain management. All pets have an IV catheter placed for administration of IV fluids during anesthesia. IV fluids help to normalize blood pressure and keep the kidneys profused. The IV catheter also provides us with the ability to administer emergency medications quickly, should a problem arise during anesthesia.

Every patients who undergoes anesthesia has pre-anesthetic blood testing done to help us better understand each pet’s internal health in order to reduce anesthetic risk and to aid in selection of the appropriate anesthetic combination for your particular pet.

Contact our Surgical Team with Questions

We encourage you to contact our team if you have any questions about the surgical care offered to your pet. We’re happy to be a part of your family pet care in Hampton. Pet surgery is just one of the high-quality services we offer for your pet.

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