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Veterinary Ultrasound/Medicine Consults

At Hampton Veterinary, ultrasound technology allows us to diagnose internal physical health concerns in pets. By having access to ultrasound technology, we are able to perform a variety of diagnostic tests, including echocardiogram, scans for masses and tumors, and more.

Dr. Jen McClellan, DVM, DACVIM, provides on-site ultrasound capability for the patients of Hampton Veterinary Hospital. She is a residency-trained, boarded small animal internal medicine specialist who aids in the diagnosing of medical diseases through ultrasound, as well as providing her extensive knowledge of canine and feline medicine and care. Dr. Jen McClellan's ultrasounds are done on-site at HVH by appointment only.

If you have questions about Hampton’s veterinary ultrasound offering for your pet, please contact us today for details.

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